▶ Professor Kyungrai Kim

[ARE642] 건설사업비관리(Project Cost Management)

Introduction of Life Cycle of construction projects with project cost management including feasibility study, cost briefing, cost plan and cost engineering.

[ARE641] 건설계약 및 클레임관리(Construction Contracts and Claim Management)

Project delivery method used for construction project, introduction of construction contract theory and general contract conditions at home & abroad and construction claim theory.

[ARE645] 공정관리론(Network-based Scheduling Methods)

Development of scheduling system, scheduling and scheduling theory and practice of scheduling and use of scheduling program.

[ARE644] 공정관리II(Project Scheduling II)

Introduction of thecases of schedule reduction in construction projects with schedule reduction approaches, concept of claim for schedule slippage, calculation of delay days and liquidated damage.

▶ Professor Heesung Cha

[ARE651] 건설의사결정론(Decision Making ans Risk Analysis)

Understanding of uncertainties of construction project, rational decision-making method and risk management method and the ability to effectively use those methods.

[ARE652] 건설정보관리론(Information Management in Construction Projects)

Identification of informatization status and theory and knowledge required for development of computer programs and system used for construction projects.

[ARE654] 공학연구방법론(Research Methodology)

Lectures on concept of social science, investigation methodology of social science, case study methodology and practice of research plan.

[ARE656] 프로젝트파이낸싱(Project financing)

Basic theory of project financing and detail methodology of pre-project planning based on importance of pre-project planning and the ability for application.

[ARE655] 프로젝트정량화분석론(Quantitative Methods for Project Analysis)

Theory of probability and statistics including metrics for quantifying qualitative elements, optimization theory based on management science and the ability for effective application.

▶ Professor Byungjoo Choi

[ARE635] 건축시공특론(Building Construction Management)

Analysis of constructability which determines the cost efficiency and project scheduling, construction management and quality control.

[ARE653] 건축경제론(Building Economics)

Various theories for analysis of building cost efficiency and profitability analysis and assessment method.

[ARE637] 시공관리론(Project and Construction Management)

Case study on special construction methods, architectural element technology and construction methods including concrete work, super high-rise building technology, environment-friendly technology and remodeling technology.

[ARE643] 건설품질관리(Construction Quality Management)

Introduction of definition of quality, development of quality assurance plan and quality control methods and process-based quality system according to ISO 9000.

▶ Guest Lecture

[ARE631] 건설관리기술(Management Technology in Construction Projects)

Lectures and application practice of development of project implementation plan and operation method which integrates project cost management, project scheduling, quality control ad risk management.

[ARE632] 건설사업관리론(Process Management for Construction Projects)

Analysis of current issues on market open and changes to overseas construction market, reorganization of construction process with informatization and integration of design and application to construction process.

[ARE633] 건설시공기술 (Building Technology in Construction Projects)

Understanding of definition of construction technologies, classification, characteristics and importance and case study on characteristics, advantage & disadvantages and challenges with regard to new construction methods used at construction sites.

[ARE634] 건설현장관리론(Project Control for Site Operations)

Construction management plan and elementary technologies for critical activities including temporary facilities, steel frame and finish work.

[ARE636] 공사계획론(Theory of Construction Planning/Scheduling)

Theoretical background of construction planning/scheduling with site control. In addition, various project planning & scheduling methods with analysis of construction work procedures and case study.